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Kai-Ming Fu, MD, PhD
Kai-Ming Fu, MD, PhD

Q: What steps can I take now to get ready for life after the pandemic?

A: Many people have been working from home for a while now and will have to adjust to post-pandemic life. Here are some things you can be doing now to prepare:

Work on Your Home Office Ergonomics

Make use of standing desks and accessories. Having good posture with your monitor at the right height and your shoulders relaxed, back support, arm support — all of this can help. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable sitting, you can get a modified standing desk.

Increase Your Activity

One of the best things to do is try low-impact exercises, such as stretching or yoga. You can look online and make use of the free help that’s out there. Additionally, outside exercise groups are forming again. If you have access to parks, you might want to start a walking group or a jogging group. Biking is also a really good activity because it’s low impact and lets you get active without putting a lot of stress on your joints.

Work on Your Nutrition

The overall health of your spine really does depend on your diet. I would recommend focusing on eating healthier foods now, decreasing the fats, decreasing the heavy starches, as well as eating more legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Take It Slow

The one thing to remember is, it took a long time to get this way. It will take some time to relax, so set a slow pace for your return. Start slowly if you haven’t been active. Take it step by step, and really be mindful of what you’ve been through over the last year.

Dr. Kai-Ming Fu, chief of neurosurgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital

This question was answered during the episode of Spine Time called “Will Your Spine Be Ready When the Pandemic Has Passed?” A recording of this webinar, held on April 21, 2021, is available on YouTube.

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