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Schwannomas Doctors in New York City

A schwannoma, or a neuroma, is a benign tumor that develops in the sheathing surrounding the nerve cells. Schwann cells support the function of nerve cells, and schwannomas can develop anywhere Schwann cells are present. They usually form in two places:

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Spinal schwannomas can develop anywhere in and around the spine. They can press on the spinal cord and nerves causing pain, numbness, and weakness.

Cranial Nerves

Acoustic neuromas sometimes develop in the eighth cranial nerve, which is the nerve that connects the ear to the brain

Treating Schwannomas

A very small percentage of Schwannomas are malignant tumors called neurofibrosarcomas, but the majority of Schwann cell tumors are benign. A schwannoma often requires surgical removal even if t’s benign, because the pressure it creates as it grows can cause damage to the nerves and/or spine.

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